De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.


Posted in July 2015

Browser support for SP Oct. 2014

In the past weeks we have tested the new version of Blackboard against major browsers and have not found any large issues. In general, Blackboard supports all major mainstream browsers. If you want to know which browser versions are supported, you can find this information on the Blackboard site.

We have noticed that many workstations at the TU Delft run Internet Explorer 10 (in compatibility mode) which is known to cause issues in combination with using Blackboard. Safari 6 works without any issues, but we have noticed that Safari 7 and 8 unfortunately don’t support all functionalities in Blackboard. As a result of this, we advise users to use either Firefox or Chrome when using Blackboard as these browsers are the most stable and have the least performance issues.

If you are using the IE 10 browser (still used at many TU Delft workstations), you can run into issues when using Blackboard. If it seems that you are missing content when using Blackboard through IE10, we advise you to check if the browser is running in compatibility mode. The fix that we detailed after our previous upgrade will also work for our newest version. Please find the information on how to use Blackboard with IE 10 in the post on Browser Support for SP14.

We are already aware of one issue that might pop up when you are using Chrome to access Blackboard. With the release of Chrome version 42, the NPAPI plugin has been disabled and Chrome is planning to deprecate it entirely by version 45. Users will notice that the NPAPI plug-in has been disabled as it will produce an error when trying to use JAVA based content (as found in Blackboard Collaborate, SCORM packages or other JAVA based content). For the moment the work-around is to enable the plugin in Chrome yourself. Please check Google for a description of how to enable the NPAPI plugin.

If you are unsure if the browser you are using is compatible with our newest version of Blackboard, you can also use the Blackboard Browser Checker tool to check this.

If you experience problems with your browser after trying one of the work-arounds detailed above, please contact E-Learning Support (ELS) at or call 89194.


New Features & Improvements after the Upgrade to Blackboard SP Okt 2014

At the moment we are upgrading Blackboard to the latest service pack, October 2014. With this new version of Blackboard some long awaited improvements and new features will become available, and several security issues have been fixed as well. The most important new features and improvements are:

For all users:

  • Calendar: Users now have more choice about how their calendars are formatted (both in the calendar tool and when making date selections) and they hey can alter the first day of the week for their monthly and weekly calendar views.
  • Blackboard Collaborate: The BB Collaborate launcher now works for Windows and Mac, and has Java integrated in the tool. Users are now no longer dependent on having the correct java version installed on their PC which will result in more convenient and reliable launching of the tool.
  • YouTube: The YouTube mashup that was not functioning properly and displaying errors when viewing an YouTube video within Blackboard, has been fixed.


For course managers / instructor’s:

  • Student Preview: In the top right hand corner you can now find a new button that makes the long awaited Student Preview possible. You can use this to check how your course looks to students and check what they can or cannot see/do. Student Preview allows you to experience your course as your students will. For example, in Student Preview you can test your user, group, grade, and review status adaptive release criteria to make sure it releases content when you want it to. Please read the Blackboard site for more information on how to use the Student Preview button.
  • Anonymous grading: Instructors can hide student names from submitted assignments for anonymous grading. Read more on anonymous grading on the Blackboard website.
  • Delegated grading: Course Mangers can delegate the grading of student submissions to specific users or fellow instructors. Read more on delegated grading on the Blackboard website.
  • SafeAssignment: SafeAssign is now integrated into regular Blackboard assignments. With the integration between SafeAssign and regular assignments, almost all of the regular assignment features are now available with the SafeAssign service. SafeAssign originality reports have also undergone an upgrade, and it is now also possible to download a report as PDF. For more information on how SafeAssign has been updated, please check the Blackboard website.


For students:

  • My Grades: The interface for MyGrades has been updated. It looks and feels better and students can now easily view feedback from their instructors by clicking the View Feedback button. You can find more information on all new icons that have been added to My Grades on the Blackboard website.
  • Portfolios: These have been moved to the Global Navigation menu (the fly-out menu next to your name in the top right hand corner). Changes to this feature include a simplification of the design process and an improved workflow for building a portfolio.


If you would like to read more about the various bug fixes, improvements and new features, please read the release notes on the April and October 2014 version of Blackboard.

Unfortunately a new version does not only fix bugs, it usually means new bugs as well. We have been testing this new version the last couple of weeks and did not run into any critical bugs. For security reasons it is important that we keep our Blackboard version up to date. We will keep you informed about the existing bugs and will help you and provide a workaround if possible.

Please check this weblog if you would like to be informed of any news regarding Blackboard and/or the upgrade process or follow us on twitter @TUDelftBb

For questions about Blackboard please contact E-Learning support (email: or call: 89194 )

Coming up: Blackboard upgrade – July 12-14

Next weekend, we will be upgrading our current Blackboard 9.1 SP14 environment to SP Oktober 2014. We will be starting the upgrade process on Sunday evening July 12th, around 18:00 hrs. We hope to have the new version up and running by Tuesday evening, July 14th at the latest.

Please keep in mind that the regular Blackboard will be unavailable during this period and that if you have any deadlines during this time frame that you make alternative arrangements.

If you only need to look up data in Blackboard, we do have a consulting system up which is available at [edited to remove temporary URL used during the Upgrade] (login with NetID + password).

!!! Please note that BBtest system will only contain data that was entered into the regular Blackboard environment before July 1st.  Data that was entered into the regular Blackboard environment between July 1st and the upgrade will not be available in BBtest unfortunately. Please only use the BBtest system to consult information, as any data that you alter in BBtest will be lost after the upgrade and will NOT be available in the upgraded Blackboard afterwards. !!!

More information about the coming upgrade will become available on the ICT Maintenance page this week. Osiris and all other systems can be reached as normal during the Blackboard upgrade.

With the new Service Pack several bugs that are currently in Blackboard are fixed, a couple of tools have been improved, and new features will become available. Next week you can expect a blog post with the highlights of Blackboard 9.1 SP Oktober 2014.


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